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About Poly-Tex Solar

Poly-Tex has been designing and producing commercial greenhouses, retail display systems, shade structures and other live-good growing applications for over 30 years. Continuing with the green roots of our past and present, we are now applying our design expertise to the development of solar canopy systems, which offer superior quality and financial feasibility.

30+ years of design experience

Made in the USA

In-house engineering

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Together we can make a difference

We design and build your structural needs and wants through an in-house group of engineers led by a PE and a manufacturing team staffed with certified welders and production specialists. Our solar package includes the design and material for your solar canopy, galvanizing and or painting, on-site delivery and stamped drawings for permitting purposes. Local or not, Poly-Tex is able to provide real-time, on-site support during the assembly of the structure.

We are located just south of Lakeville, MN in small town called Castle Rock. We’ve been here since inception and have been employing skilled workers from the surrounding area from the start. Our original products were focused on solar heating, but we quickly expanded throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s into new facilities and new product lines such as greenhouses, retail display systems, agricultural venting systems and shade structures. We own several patents and trademarks on items like the industry known Wiggle Wire and Poly-Vent building systems. Solar canopies are the newest chapter to our story and a natural one at that.

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